Friday, July 17, 2009

Glacier Falls

Bruce and I walked out to the glacier and the falls nearby tonight. As we get closer to moving away, my appreciation for the beauty of the world here is renewed. The falls are about 150 feet high, and are a half mile from the glacier.
As we got closer, the sound grew louder and louder. It is probably a half a city block wide at the base of the falls. It throws off a fine mist, but you can walk right up to the falls.

Bruce got excited as we came to the falls, (he thinks waves are alive and need to be hunted down and subdued). I got kinda going too...

Looking back over the lake which flows from the glacier, you can see icebergs floating, having calved in the past few days from the glacier.

There were only two people on the trail. There had probably been hundreds during the day, but they are all back on their cruise ships by sundown.
I will miss the ease of getting out into the wild and being alone with the splendors of creation.

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