Friday, July 3, 2009

Garrison Keillor - American Master

Garrison Keillor, the author, humorist and creator of "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show was featured on American Masters this week.

This is a great man doing great work.

Here are a couple of quotations I noted:

"Our impact on the world is slight
so take life as a comedy,
play it for laughs.
You die, there is a sort of decent grief
a few people really do suffer from your absence
but the impact on the greater world is not that big.
You do not leave a big hole.
They dig a hole and they put you in it."


"Now that I am the age that I am
I find myself less interested in the adult world.
I feel myself going back to the ravine
and going back to the sort of loose, dreamy feeling
that you had when you were twelve and thirteen.
We see the world clearly when we are children,
and we spend the rest of our lives
trying to remember what is was we saw."

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