Sunday, December 30, 2012

Poor Kids

Now that the feast days are over, and the drunken revelry is about to begin, pause if you will and consider the poor.

For those who think that the poor are lazy people who refuse to work, prefering instead to lie about and live off of the work of others, consider the children of the poor.

They do not chose poverty, but it is likely to follow them through life.

This is hard to watch but I encourage everyone to spend 50 minutes watching this Frontline program. Then give all you can to your local food bank.

Give 10% of what you make to help poor kids.

Give to churches whose help to the poor is tangible and real. They need your help more than we need a new sanctuary, or improvements to the church camp.

Think at work how you can help change the institutional discrimination which keeps poor people oppressed, because we are all part of this system.

Love to all at the end of this year.



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