Thursday, December 22, 2011

We’re Awesome!

Thought I would put together a few words here at Christmas time to let you know how the family is doing. We have had a great year, and we’re still awesome!!!

Ivan and I celebrated 17 wonderful years of marriage this last July. Our little ones, Vara and Peter (not so little anymore!) turned 18 and 16. Here we are at the beach a couple of years ago. (We haven’t really had a chance for a photo together during the last few years; things have been so hectic.)

Vara did very well in her “private school” again last year. She loves learning history and literature the best. Maybe we have a budding author or historian on our hands, who knows? Her school tells us that her “incidents” are fewer than last term, and they have accepted her on probationary status for the spring semester! Here she is with her friend, Kelly, (who unfortunately taught her how much fun smoking pot and shoplifting designer clothes can be). We are grateful that Kelly is not in Vara’s life anymore and hope she does well in the juvenile detention hall!

Peter is doing great in school too! He loves math and has a real capacity for science. Maybe a young Einstein? Here he is with some of his friends. Although Peter’s grades aren’t quite up to par with Kelly’s, his rate of arrest is much lower. We are hoping that the outpatient treatment “takes” this time, and Peter can get that pesky probation officer out of his life for good.

Ivan and I are well. With the kids safely “outsourced” to “private schools”, we had hoped to take that second honeymoon to the Caymans that we had been dreaming about. But later in the year, with Ivan’s layoff and the scandal about the bailout money and everything, we had to move in with his parents, which has definitely put a crimp in our travels plans, as wells as our private time, as you might imagine. 

But we love Buster and Maude so much, and are grateful for the time that we spend together in their cute tiny little senior condo, sharing everything

That about sums up our year. Like the title says, We’re Awesome, and we hope you are too. We wish you all a very merry Christmas time, if you are Christian, and if not, well, happy whatever.

All the best to you and yours,

Inspired by the short story "Difficult People" by Anton Chekhov 

Robert Seward

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