Monday, June 1, 2009

"Pro-Life" Murderer

I was amazed to learn that a doctor was murdered because of his work helping women.

"George R. Tiller, the nation's most prominent provider of controversial late-term abortions, was shot and killed yesterday in the lobby of his Lutheran church in Wichita, where he was serving as an usher."

I have thought long and hard about abortion, and I think it is an unfortunate birth control alternative. Abortion is morally wrong, too. We should not kill. I am a pacivist, and committed to non-violence.

I want us to work to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies through education and free access to birth control, especially for teenagers, and other means. So I support Planned Parenthood and comprehensive sex education in schools.

I am also in favor of a woman being free to decide about her own health. Who am I to decide for her? I am not the one pregnant. Should the government decide? No. Do you want the government to make decisions about your healthcare? So I support freedom for people making reproductive health decisions.

Whatever your opinion about this issue, someone is so "pro-life" that they murdered a man in his church yesterday. And we should all condemn that.

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  1. Your title says it all "'Pro-Life' Murder"!

    Every time I see a pro-life bumper sticker, bill board (THE AIRPORT) or protest, I desperately wish that energy could be put towards helping the millions of abused and neglected children in this world! Can you imagine the power of that intense energy being focused towards children!