Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring in Juneau!

Here are some photos from around Juneau from the last week:

I took Bruce the dog for a walk today and snapped this by Mendenhall River, fed by a glacier, behind the shopping mall...

This must be the most scenic Walmart in the country!

This is another shot from the Walmart parking lot:

After Walmart I went to the dump to recycle stuff. Here is the dump in Juneau:

Here is the snow in my backyard today, about three feet deep still...

Here is a shot of the terrain park at Eaglecrest Ski Area on Saturday. Gorgeous day, warm sun and cold snow. Cami and I went to have lunch and watch our (step)son Charlie snow boarding off of big jumps. That is him busting off of the jump in a cloud of snow.

After that Cami and I went to a sandy beach (the only one around) just south of town a couple of miles and saw this avalanche that came down a couple of weeks ago. That closed the road to Thane for a few days!

Anyway, there are a few shots of Juneau from the last week. Beautiful, no?

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