Saturday, January 17, 2009

War is not the answer

If you are like me you wonder what to think as an American about the violence in Gaza.

Take a few minutes now to listen to Bill Moyer's commentary here:

Also read this exchange between Bill Moyers and Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League:

We know that terrorists have assaulted innocent Israelis, and are hiding among civilians in Gaza.

And you also know that Israeli soldiers are counter-attacking them, but are killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

It is a complex issue with a simple response: war is not the answer.

Acts of terrorism are criminal acts which require judicial response. Reparation of victims should be the goal, not retribution against perpetraters, because retribution, especially in the form of military action, war, does not work.

What do you think?


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  1. You write:

    "Acts of terrorism are criminal acts which require judicial response."

    Help me think this through, Rob. If acts of terrorism (or war) such as Hammas lobbing missiles into Israel are criminal acts worthy of judicial response ... then do we not need policemen to go an "arrest" the criminals?

    Hammas is in Gaza ... smuggling in weapons and then sending missiles into Israel. They blend in with the civilian population who may or may not support them - with votes, attitudes, food, shelter - whatever.

    Israel sends soldiers into Gaza to stop (arrest or arrete) Hammas. BUT they do not intend to bring Hammas to a judicial forum ... they intend to kill and destroy those who are killing Israelis.

    Is it your contention that a state's or international police force (army, whatever) should be in Gaza arresting Hammas? With the intent of bringing them to the International Court in The Hague?

    So if the Israeli army and airforce had the intent of bring the people of Hammas to the Court in the The Hague ... then the invasion of Gaza would be OK?

    I am just trying to think through your proposition and picture what you have in mind.

    Loving Brother who DOES read your blog,